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Only in the U.S. and Canada


Lady Fortunes ships ALL chocolate products with Gel Ice Packs between May and October regardless of the destination.

We do not charge anything additional for Ice Packs.


Lady Fortunes does NOT guarantee Ground Shipments of Chocolate Products between May and October regardless of destination. Southern CA residents may choose Ground Shipping, however we are not responsible for any delays and subsequent melting that may occur for Ground Shipments. Only Premium Air Service is guaranteed by our carrier to arrive to you within the commitment time.


Please note that if your destination is over 75 Degrees Fahrenheit, we strongly advise that you select an appropriate shipping method (Overnight or 2-Day Air*) to ensure proper delivery of your chocolate product. Our orders are processed automatically and we cannot guarantee that we can intercept your order if you have chosen an inappropriate shipping method (i.e., shipping a chocolate product to FL, NM, AZ, TX or other extremely hot states via Standard Ground during late Spring/Summer.)


We reserve the right to add $5-$10 to your order total if we feel that your product will not arrive safely via the method you have selected. Our goal is to make you happy- melted chocolate is in no one's best interests! Please check local weather conditions to help determine your best shipping option.


EXTREMELY HOT STATES: We do guarantee ourproductsagainstmeltingONLY when shipped via Priority Overnight Shipping.


Lady Fortunes cannot be responsible for damage if you (or the recipient of a gift) are not present at the time of delivery and the damage occurs as a result of the delay in claiming the package. Also, Lady Fortunes cannot be responsible for heat damage if you choose an inappropriate shipping method of a chocolate product and it ships via the method you selected.