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What are people saying after they’ve experienced Lady Fortunes? Our testimonials tell the story of sweet memories in the baking.
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“I just wanted to let you know the hancock "H" cookies were the biggest hit on tour!!!!!!!! everyone loved them! they looked fantastic on the private jet! :) we got sooo many compliments you have NO idea! even Will Smith liked them!”
~Jill E. Sony Entertainment

You guys just did 700 cookies for me (the monograham cookies). The customer emailed me to tell me how gorgeous they were. Honestly, with all the other vendors I use for favors, you provide products that people actually have to email me or call me to tell me how much they loved them. Also, I can't believe how quickly you got 700 cookies out and all in a bag with a bow.
Thanks again,
~Leslie C. -Temecula, CA

Dear Lady Fortunes,
My girlfriend got a cookie from your company for Valentines Day and thought I was really clever for sending her this gift… I am glad I saw you on the morning news or else I would have sent her candy and flowers!
~Ethan R. -Henderson, NV

Hi Lady Fortunes Your Giant Cookies are too much! What a great idea and what a terrific job you do on them! My coworker received her cookie today she’s still guessing on whom its from since it was a Secret Santa she shared with me and I told her whoever sent it must have been a smart cookie! It looked and tasted great. Thank you again we just ordered a tin for the office!
~Randy B. -Chicago, IL

Your Picture Cookies are worth every penny and then some! We didn’t want to eat them because they were so beautiful but then someone couldn’t resist and we all discovered how delicious and chocolatey they were! Thank you we’ll be sending you more pictures soon!
~Heidi M. -Hollywood Hills, CA

Thank you for the great work you did on the Vogue Oscars Party….your efforts were well recognized and appreciated by all of us and the cookies were enjoyed by all.
~Monica D. -New York, NY

I recently placed an order for my Wedding and wanted to say thank you now that all the craziness is done. Linda –my “confectionary consultant” was too sweet. I happened to ask if you could leave the Bride & Groom decorations off my Wedding Oreo’s because my fiancé was African American Linda asked if I wanted African American Brides & Grooms and I explained that since I was Latina it would not work to have both African American she offered custom made icing with a Latina Bride and African American Groom! Wow everyone commented on how great they looked and how surprised they were at the level of customization in my order. It was only 300 cookies but you guys designed just for me….thank you so much! Now its time for the baby stuff!
~Cassandra L. -New York, NY

Lady Fortunes you are officially the talk of the entire production office… thank you for sending in those samples our client literally ate them up! We look forward to placing many more orders. Thank you for a great product and service.
~Sanella K. -Culver City, CA

My girlfriend said “yes!”!!!!!! After seeing you on the Food channel she said that was the coolest way to propose and so I did. She never expected I would go through with it and couldn’t stop crying. Great idea thank you for helping us make a lifetime memory!
~Austin L. -Pomona, CA

Dear Customer Service. You put the “service” back in customer service. Thank you for tracking my order and putting up with another maniac customer I appreciate the help and Alex was the best Customer Care person I have ever interacted with.
~Danny R. -Boston, MA

Hey guys Carrot Top went berserk over the cookies you did for them thank you for adding the orange sprinkles, they were the perfect finishing touch! We’ll see about incorporating these at his show soon. Thanks!
~Annie O. -Las Vegas NV

Dear Lady Fortune,
You helped make my Wedding that much more special. It’s a day I will never forget. The care you took in my cookies and the attention to detail were unparalleled…thank you so much again. You created the most beautiful cookies I could ever imagine.
a S.-Sonoma, CA

We received our cookies today and they were yummyful! The only problem is they’re so good we couldn’t help eating them right out of the box is it too late to order more for Saturday?
~Pamela T. -Las Vegas, NV

Thank you very much for taking care of my order. You guys did a great job and I appreciate the professional service and attitude. I will order again soon.
~Cynthia T. -Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hello Everyone Just wanted to let you know that you are my #1 Favorite Company of All Time…. You guys ROCK. WOW, were the cookies amazing we’re ordering more just to have around the house!
~Amanda H. -Austin, TX

FYI EVERTONE at the UPS meeting devoured the cookies and could not stop raving about them.
~Monica T. -Los Angeles, CA

Dear Lady Fortunes Crew,
The cell phone cookies you designed for my son’s Bar Mitzvah were breathtaking. I have yet to match the surprise and delight from my 13 year old son and his teen/preteen friends as your cookies did at his Bar Mitzvah. Thank you and God Bless!
~Nina S. -Brooklyn, NY

Oh my goodness! The cookies arrived in perfect condition and they look even better in real life than in the photo… thank you for all your help I will pass the word along to everyone in marketing at Mandarin Oriental, take care!
~Shelley H. -Hong Kong

Thank you for the cookies you did for the Marc Ecko project. They were a hit and we will be sure to order more. Everyone flipped when they saw them at the party. The cookies were INCREDIBLE.
~Alex M. -New York, NY

Dear Lady Fortunes I am so “fortune”ate to have discovered your company on Food Network last week! It is a real treat to have such a wonderful company like you on the web. I ordered your Milk Chocolate Lover’s Giant Fourtune Cookie and boy did my kids LOVE it! Thank you again and congratulations on such a wonderful company.
~Maureen O. -Tampa, FL

I just wanted to say thank you for getting my order out so quick I realize your turnaround time is lightning fast but I wanted to express my gratitude anyway the cookies were adorable and I will be ordering from you every chance I get!
~Donna S. -Cincinnati, OH

The cookie baskets were a HUGE hit everyone loved them at Wells Fargo! Thank you so much for pulling this order together on such short did a fantastic job!

P.S. My sister’s Baby Shower is coming up in June and I will definitely be ordering goodies for her!
~Rene B. -Phoenix, AZ

Hi Lady Fortunes Thanks again for being a part of the ET/People Emmy party. The gift bag was a big hit and people are still asking for the cookies!
~Lisa H. -Hollywood, CA

Thanks you so much for the beautiful job you did on the Book Cover Cookies. They were a sweet success and complemented the booksigning perfectly.
~David M. -Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Daria- Ozzy LOVED the cookies GREAT job. His party was a ravishing success.
~Sharon O. -Malibu, CA